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oil spot

When you finally finish adjusting your points and get the car backed out the driveway, you walk back to the garage to dump some kitty litter on the ever-growing oil spot, coughing through a little of the blue exhaust haze around the door. You hop back in and start accelerating, a little tepidly until the engine revs up. With the wind whistling by, you finally get to enjoy the solid road connection modern cars sacrifice for "family comfort". Now this is why you drive a classic.

But what if you can keep the good driving experience and eliminate the tiring maintenance and poor acceleration? With Pacific EV's lightweight batteries and strong electric motors, you'll be driving a cleaner, quicker, quieter vehicle -- except for the tire squeal and flying rubber!

1967 Sunbeam Alpine EV Your motives aren't selfish either -- older engines put out 1000x more pollution than modern automobiles, and infinitely more than an 100% clean electric motor!

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Most conversions at Pacific EV are based around a proprietary control module which prevents any damage by an untrained driver. If you get a conversion from others, you'll have to worry about over-revving your motor and killing your batteries -- those problems are prevented when you go to Pacific Electric Vehicles!

Jim's T-Bird, soon to be converted!

But your carbureted gas engine is electronics-free and that's the way you like it! Well, we can make an electronics-free EV too. It will be completely devoid of any solid-state electronics and even continue to run after an EMP strike!

My daily driver

We offer a range of options to fit any owner's budget, from slow 45mph around-town putters to sub-4-second 0-60 screamers.

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Modern Electric Car Conversions

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